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One of the world's largest video stores

TiVo Premiere turns your TV into one of the world's largest video stores, with over 100,000 movies and TV shows now available on demand—including many in breathtaking HD.

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Watch on-demand shows from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus.


Instantly watch thousands of movies & TV episodes from Netflix on your living room TV. It's FREE with a Netflix unlimited membership. Learn more


Choose from a dizzying array of over 90,000 movies and TV shows from Amazon Instant Video. Learn more


With thousands of episodes of current and classic shows, there's always something new to watch with Hulu Plus on your TiVo Premiere. Learn more

Not sure what to watch?

Premiere's poster-browse display speeds things up by delivering considerably more information at a glance. Our browse feature has all the most popular content from across the TiVo service universe.

The Netflix app on TiVo Acadamy Award-Winning films on TiVo

One search across TV and the web

TiVo Premiere's Search feature is fast and intuitive, sorting through hundreds of channels and thousands of broadband options from sources like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus. Results are sorted and displayed by most popular matches first, so you're likely to find a match in seconds.

Music anytime

With a TiVo Premiere DVR, you can enjoy the music that moves you whenever you want, on the best speakers in the house. It's like having your own personal DJ inside your home theater system.

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Stream music from Pandora to your TiVo Premiere DVR.

The Pandora app on TiVo

Pandora, Rhapsody, and music from your computer

Pandora lets you enter your favorite song or band and create customized radio stations that stream similar music. It’s fun, easy and completely free! Learn more

With Rhapsody, you can play millions of songs on your TV through your Premiere DVR. It's all just a few clicks away. Learn more

Listen to music from your PC or Mac on your TV. Learn more

Explore web content like never before

Now you can open up your TV to a whole new universe of FREE web content and enjoy a much richer, more complete entertainment experience. With an Internet-connected TiVo® DVR, your options are virtually unlimited.

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Watch videos from YouTube right on your TiVo Premiere DVR.

The YouTube app on TiVo


If it's on YouTube™, you can watch it on your TV with an Internet-connected TiVo DVR. Search by keyword, user or category to instantly find the videos you want to see. Or quickly access behind-the-scenes videos about your favorite shows. Learn more

Your favorite photos in big-screen splendor

Your most precious pictures and slideshows have never looked this good!

Photos on your TiVo

Photobucket, Picasa, and photos from your computer

Photobucket lets you use your TV and your TiVo DVR to view and share your treasured photos with friends and family over the Internet. Learn more

From vacations and proms to birthdays and first haircuts, share life’s most precious moments with distant friends and relatives using Picasa. Learn more

View your PC or Mac photo albums and slideshows on your TV. Learn more

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