TiVo Walkthrough

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Why buy a TiVo DVR?

What features do I get on a TiVo Premiere DVR?

DVR features

Find shows with exclusive TiVo features, like TiVo Search, WishList® searches, Season Pass® recordings and more. Or learn about controlling live TV.

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Movies, music & more

Get movies and shows from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus. Or, stream music from Pandora.

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Mobile features

The FREE TiVo® App lets you search, browse, discover and schedule recordings remotely.

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Does TiVo work with cable, antenna or satellite?

TiVo Premiere DVRs work with your cable service. Get the details, and see our solutions for digital antenna and satellite.

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How do I set up my TiVo DVR?

We’ll guide you through the setup process in 4 easy steps, from replacing your cable box to connecting your DVR to the internet.

How do I buy a TiVo DVR?

Buying a TiVo® Premiere DVR online is easy. Decide on the Premiere model that best fits your needs and then choose your service plan. You’ll get your TiVo Premiere shipped to you within a few days, free of charge!
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