How do I set up my TiVo Premiere series DVR?

What you need to get started

The TiVo Premiere DVR replaces your cable box, but you still keep your cable service. It plugs directly into your cable service to deliver your cable TV programming.

TiVo Premiere works with a CableCARD. Premiere requires a single CableCARD from your cable company. The CableCARD acts as a replacement for your cable box. Just insert it into the back of your TiVo Premiere DVR.

If you are using a digital antenna for your TiVo service, just plug an HD antenna into a TiVo Premiere DVR and start watching and recording your favorite shows. Learn more

Set up your TiVo Premiere DVR in 4 easy steps

1Connect your TiVo Premiere to your TV

  • We recommend using the included
    HDMI cable for an optimal HD
  • You can also use the included
    composite cables to connect to your TV

2Connect your TiVo Premiere to your cable TV source

  • Connect your cable company's coax cable into the
    back of your TiVo Premiere
  • Insert the CableCARD decoder supplied by your
    cable company into the back of your TiVo Premiere

3Connect your TiVo Premiere to the internet

  • Use Wired Ethernet, or
  • Wireless network (not supported for Multi-Room Streaming), or
  • MoCA connection

Wired Ethernet:
Ethernet cable
into Ethernet port

For Premiere 4 or Premiere XL4s:
Plug a Coax cable into the MoCA port
located on the back of the DVR Learn more

Wireless network:
Wireless G or N adapter
into USB port (G) or
Ethernet port (N)

Back of the TiVo Premiere

4Plug in and power up your TiVo Premiere!

You will be taken through a guided setup program right on your TV.

Once you're done...
You will be ready to record TV, access the world's largest on-demand video store, watch YouTube, stream music from Pandora, schedule recordings remotely, and more.

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