TiVo® Premiere DVR features

Control live TV

Take control of live shows with pause, rewind (3 speeds), fast-forward (3 speeds), Instant Replay, slow-mo and 30-second skip. Access the TiVo Central® menu with the TiVo button on the remote and easily switch between recordings and live TV at the touch of a button.

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Explore TiVo Central, use the TiVo remote, and browse the Guide.

TiVo Central

TiVo Central

The starting point for the TiVo Premiere experience is TiVo Central. From here, you can go to My Shows to see everything your DVR has recorded; search and browse for something else to watch; see what’s scheduled to record on your To Do List; or manage your favorite Season Pass® recordings.



The Guide makes it easy to see what’s coming up on your favorite channels, while still letting you see what’s happening on live TV. Or, you can choose to use TiVo’s Live Guide, which shows what’s happening on each channel for the next several hours. You can also access a handy Mini-Guide by pressing the Select button while watching a show; it displays what shows are coming up next on your current channel and the next three channels.

Record shows

Never miss the TV shows you want to watch again. Now you can search for, find and record all your favorite shows, every time they're on. Just press the record button on your remote. TiVo Premiere takes care of recording conflicts and even offers to add extra time for live events such as sports.

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Schedule a Season Pass recording and create a WishList search.

Season Pass

Season Pass recording

A Season Pass recording keeps track of a show that is part of a series. The TiVo service will make sure to record the show every week–even if the day or time changes.

WishList® searches

If you know what you like, but aren't sure when or where it's on, simply create a WishList search. Select an actor, director, keyword, or category. Every time a show matching your criteria airs, it's recorded.

Multi-Room Streaming

Now sharing content between two or more TiVo Premiere DVRs is faster and more convenient than ever with the addition of Multi-Room Streaming capabilities. Multi-Room Streaming enables real-time, dynamic sharing of content between Premiere boxes. Shows can be streamed as they’re recorded, and now movies and premium content can also be shared. Details