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Use folders to organize your Now Playing List

Of course you know your Now Playing List can be organized by Recorded Date, but how 'bout those Groups? Turning on Groups puts like programs into folders, including, for example, all episodes of a series, and/or programs auto-recorded for your WishList® searches. You'll also get one for your TiVo Suggestions.

At the bottom of your Now Playing List, you'll notice it always displays your current sort/group options. Here's how to change it:

  • Press the ENTER/LAST button on the remote control.
  • From the Now Playing List Options, highlight the Sort option; then press the RIGHT or LEFT arrow button on the remote control to toggle between the Sort options.
  • Highlight the Groups option; then press the RIGHT or LEFT arrow button on the remote control to toggle between On and Off.
  • Highlight View Now Playing with these options; then press SELECT.

Bonus Tip: If you've got little ones in the house, try sorting Alphabetically for a spell. Several subscribers swear it's helped fast-forward the "learn to read" process.

Use a Guru Guide to find recommended shows in a particular category

  • From TiVo Central, select Find Programs & Downloads.
  • Select KidZone Recommendations & Guru Guides.
  • Scroll down to find AFI, 100 Years…
  • Movies will magically appear on your Now Playing List, just like regular TiVo recordings.

Note: You must be broadband-connected to get a Guru Guide using your TiVo remote. Alternatively, try browsing the guide and scheduling recordings online.

Play the TiVo start-up video

Wanna see the startup video that plays out when you plug in a TiVo HD DVR for the first time? You'll love this fun shortcut: Press the TiVo button, followed by the #0. Enjoy!

Find your fav documentary with WishList search

If you know the title of the documentary you want to see, select Create a WishList search, then Title. Don't forget to use " (press the PAUSE button) to indicate exact phrase. A few of our favorites from year's past? Super Size Me; Spellbound; The Story of the Weeping Camel; I Have Tourette's But Tourette's Doesn't Have Me.

Find your favorite show by actor

From TiVo Central > Find Programs > Create a WishList search > then…: Highlight Actor and enter an actor, for example, SINATRA, FRANK. Choose to either "View upcoming episodes" and schedule recordings for the next 14 days, or set it to auto-record every match from here to… well, Eternity.

View Photos on your TV

You've heard a picture is worth a thousands words, but with TiVo's new and radically improved Photos & Slideshows feature (especially in HD, whoa!), all you need is ONE. Try it yourself now with your broadband-connected TiVo DVR and watch as your TV transforms into the best photo frame you've ever seen. Here's how:

  • From TiVo Central, select Music, Photos, Products, & More > Photos & Slideshows.
  • Enter your lucky (key)word and TiVo will search amongst the thousands of photos publicly shared by talented photographers from around the world.
  • Use the arrow keys to browse albums.
  • Select and view photos individually or create your own custom slideshow using your favorite photographs.

Watch on a Mac computer

We've partnered with Roxio to enable TiVoToGo in Toast 11 Titanium.

Transfer your favorite TiVo recordings to your Mac, watch them in a player, burn them to DVD, and convert them for playback on iPod or PSP.

And yes, Toast is the standard for disc burning software on the Mac.

WishList "Trip" tip

Use a TiVo WishList® search to suss out potential vacation spots so you know where to go, what to see, and at which restaurants you should eat.

  • From Find Programs, select WishList Search
  • Select Keyword and enter the name of the country or city you'd like to visit (Try your hometown, just for kicks.) If the city is more than one word, use quotation marks [PAUSE button] to indicate exact phrase
  • For Category, choose, Interests; sub-category, Travel
  • Choose "View upcoming episodes" to see what hit or select "Auto-record WishList programs"

Get Web Videos

You're not still watching your favorite Web videos on a three-inch rectangle in your Web browser, are you? With Web Videos, your broadband-connected TiVo box can auto-record Web videos from CNET, The New York Times, The Onion and other sources just the way it records TV shows so you can enjoy them on your big-screen TV. And we've got something for everyone: women's interests, health & lifestyle, extreme sports, Internet humor. Best to browse now and browse often to find out what you're missing:

  • From TiVo Central, select Find Programs
  • Select Web Videos and Downloads Browse broadcast providers
  • Select your favorites and do that TiVo thing you do so well

Swivel Search

So Much to Say About Swivel Search…
In case you're stuck at work reading this and haven't yet tried your hand at Swivel Search, here's what to expect:

  • You can enter a show, and highlight an actor from the cast to find out what other upcoming shows s/he will be in.
  • From old favorites, highlight the "If you like this…" menu item to see similar shows you might enjoy.
  • Try TiVo "Tags" and enjoy an entertainment odyssey that includes people, places and Things, like "DARK HERO," "SATIRE," or "LOVE, awww.
  • And Swivel, and Swivel, and so on…

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