Experience online photos on your TiVo® box

Now you can catch up with loved ones (and catch them up with you!) right on your TV using Photobucket on TiVo.

Photobucket is where over 61 million people manage and share their media. To join the fun, create an account with photobucket.com and upload your favorites. Then, let your friends and family know your user name, and they can find your public photos on their broadband connected TiVo boxes.

With online photo services you can:

  • Sign in to your Photobucket account to view your own private and public pictures.
  • Quickly find and bookmark your friends' shared photos by searching for their user names.
  • Show off your recent vacation photos directly from your TV.
  • See all the photos your friends took from the comfort of your couch.
  • Search for "flowers" or "sunset" and turn your TV into a piece of art with beautiful slideshows.

See how it works

Photobucket menu on a TiVo boxSee it larger
Display your featured photos on your TiVo screenSee it larger

Available on:

TiVo Series2, HD, HD XL, Series3, and all TiVo Premiere and Mini boxes

It's easy to try Photobucket on TiVo:
From all TiVo Premiere boxes: Go to TiVo Central > Showcases & extras > Photos & Slideshows
From any device other than a TiVo Premiere: Go to TiVo Central > Music, Photos, & Showcases > Photos & Slideshows

Want step-by-step instructions?

My mother has macular degeneration. With TiVo, she is able to see digital pictures through Photobucket on the TV screen. It has improved the quality of her life and I thank you

Yvonne Verschueren
Rochester Hills, MI