TiVo Mobile

Schedule a recording from practically anywhere

TiVo Mobile scheduling lets you use your iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, or other cell phone to schedule recordings on your TiVo® box. With TiVo Mobile, you can:

  • view current TV listings
  • search for shows by title, actor, director, or keyword
  • browse lists of most popular shows or daily picks.

When you find a show you want to record, simply decide whether you want to record just that episode or every episode of the series, then TiVo Mobile will send the recording request to your TiVo DVR. To get the TiVo Mobile application, just go to m.tivo.com on your phone's web browser.

See how it works

Launch your phone's web browser and go to m.tivo.com. See it larger
Sign in to your TiVo account using your tivo.com e-mail address and password. See it larger
When you find a show to record, schedule your recording by clicking “1-Click Record.” See it larger

Available on:

TiVo Series2, TiVo Series3, HD, HD XL, and all TiVo Premiere boxes

It's easy to try scheduling shows from your phone:

Go to m.tivo.com > sign in > find your show > click ‘1-Click Record.’

Want step-by-step instructions?