It's like having a personal D.J. on your home theater system.

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Listen to FREE personalized radio stations on your TV with Pandora.

Whether you like country crooners, hip-hop moguls, pop divas or big hair bands, TiVo® is truly music to your ears. Now with the Pandora service available through your TiVo box, you can listen to the music that moves you, whenever the mood strikes you—and it's entirely FREE!

Simply enter the name of a favorite song or artist into Pandora and create customized radio stations that stream similar music. You can even rate the songs you hear so Pandora can adapt to your feedback and hit your musical sweet spot. It's a great way to find new artists, discover new songs and dance the night away. It’s just one more reason TiVo rocks your world.

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With Pandora on TiVo, you can create customized radio stations that stream similar music See it larger
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Available on:

TiVo HD, HD XL, Series3™, and all TiVo Premiere and Mini boxes

It's easy to try Pandora on TiVo:

From all TiVo Premiere boxes: Go to TiVo Central > Music & photos > Pandora
From any device other than a TiVo Premiere: Go to TiVo Central > Music, Photos, & Showcases > Pandora

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