About Find TV Shows

Find TV Shows on tivo.com lets you preview upcoming shows, schedule recordings when you’re away from home, and even email your friends and family about your favorite shows. You can search for shows you know you like, or find something new to watch by browsing the TV Program Guide or reviewing our suggestions. When you’re ready to schedule a recording, it’s quick and easy to get either a single episode or a Season Pass, all with the same recording options you have at home.

Get suggestions

Get suggestions

The Find TV Shows home page contains a Discovery Bar filled with suggestions for shows we think you might enjoy. They include shows that are most popular on TiVo DVRs as well as daily picks from our experts. Click on a show image in the Discovery Bar to get more information and schedule a recording.

Find shows easily with multiple search options

Use our easy search options to find anything you want to watch, even if you’re not a TiVo subscriber. Just sign in to your tivo.com account, and you’re ready to go. We’ll even make sure that the results you find are for your specific channel lineup!

With Find TV Shows, you have a variety of powerful tools for finding your favorite shows:

Find shows easily with multiple search options
  • Search TV: Use this quick search tool to search for show titles, actors or directors, and filter results for HD content or new episodes.
  • Advanced search: Conduct a deeper search by show title, actor name, show description or category, or even air date.
  • Browse by category or channel: Not sure what you want to watch? No problem. Browse by category or channel to find something that suits your mood.
  • Browse TV listings: With the full screen TV Listings guide, your whole TV schedule is available at a glance! See what’s on tonight, and what’s airing in the next two weeks or so.

Schedule shows with 1-Click

If you’re a TiVo subscriber, you can schedule shows to record on your TiVo device with just one click! You can use 1-Click Recording for a single episode or for a Season Pass.

Schedule shows with 1-Click

1-Click recordings can have any of the settings available on your TiVo device. The following settings are used by default, but you can change them any time:

  • Show Type: Repeats and First Run (for Season Pass recording only)
  • Priority: Only if nothing else conflicts
  • Quality: DVR default
  • Keep at Most: 5 episodes (for Season Pass recording only)
  • Keep Until: Space needed
  • Start: On time
  • Stop: On time
  • Confirmation email: Yes - sent to the email address on the account

When you find something you want to record, just click either “1-Click Record episode” or “1-Click Record Season Pass.”

If you’d prefer to use different options from your 1-Click Recording settings, you can always select “Record with options” instead.

To ensure a successful scheduling request, be sure to schedule up to an hour before a show airs if your DVR is broadband-connected, and up to 36 hours before if your DVR connects via phone line. If the show time is displayed in red, that means the show is airing soon (within 36 hours if your DVR connects via phone line; within the next hour if your DVR connects via broadband), and your DVR may not receive the request in time if you attempt to schedule that recording. To be sure that the show records, either schedule the recording directly on your DVR, or look at the Upcoming Episodes and choose one with a later air time.

Confirm your scheduling request

When you schedule a show on Find TV Shows, you can opt to receive confirmation emails* that let you know your request has been processed. You’ll receive one email at the time you request your show, and a second email after your TiVo box receives your request. The second email tells you whether or not your show was scheduled successfully; if not, the email includes the names of conflicting shows.

See what’s happening on your home DVRs

Keep tabs on your My Shows and To Do Lists from wherever you are. The "Recording Today" tab on the Find TV Shows home page displays the shows that will record today and tomorrow, and lets you view your entire To Do List (for the next two weeks or so). The "Recently Recorded" tab shows you the latest shows you've recorded, and lets you view your entire My shows list.

See what’s happening on your home DVRs

When viewing My Shows and To Do Lists online, note the following:

  • If you recently made changes to your My Shows and To Do Lists, it may take a little time for your changes to appear online. Changes will appear after your DVR connects to the TiVo service. For broadband-connected DVRs, this happens within about 15 minutes; for telephone-connected DVRs, this happens within 36 hours.
  • TiVo Suggestions and downloaded content are not displayed in online lists at this time.
  • Online Now Playing and To Do Lists are not available for Series2 customers at this time.
  • In rare cases, you may need to reboot your DVR to update your online lists.
  • If you are a TiVo Beta participant and do not see your My Shows or To Do lists, send an email to beta@tivo.com.

Want more information about Find TV shows and online recording?

* Confirmation emails may contain information about the programs recorded on your DVR. In accordance with the TiVo Privacy Policy, this information is never associated with any personally identifiable information without your consent. However, since this email is sent over public networks, it is possible that someone other than yourself could view its contents. If you do not wish to receive these emails, make sure to leave the "Email" field blank. Having an email address in the "Email" field gives your consent and permission for this information to be sent.